San Pedro Sula, Honduras 2013

This trip was a resounding success. When the team touched down they knew it would be a memorable trip with tons of adventure and new experiences. The beauty of the country and its people truly made it one of the best trips. 


Did You Know?

San Pedro Sula is a city in the Sula Valley of northern Honduras. It’s known as one of the country’s main transport hubs. The San Pedro Sula Anthropology and History Museum has exhibits on the region’s past, from pre-Columbian times to the present. To the west, in the Merendón mountains, Cusuco National Park has trails through cloud forest rich in wildlife, including many species of bats and the rare quetzal bird.

The Villa Olímpica is a multi-sporting complex that has facilities for most Olympic style games including football, boxing, swimming, baseball, cycling and multipurpose gymnasiums.

San Pedro Sula is the only city in the country to be home to two football stadiums. The Estadio Olímpico Metropolitano is located in the Villa Olímpica and is the largest in the country with a capacity of 42,000. The Estadio Francisco Morazán is located in the centre of the city and holds 23,000 people. The stadiums are home to San Pedro Sula's most popular professional football teams Marathón and Real CD España.

As of 2009, San Pedro Sula has been the home venue for Honduras national football team matches.

It has a Catholic cathedral that was built in 1949, as well as a Greek Orthodox cathedral, Iglesia Ortodoxa de Antioquía San Juan Bautista, built in 1963.


Mission By The Numbers

After just one week, the Operation Walk Pittsburgh team provided life-changing services to the people of San Pedro Sula at no cost. Take a look at the impact of one trip:


53 patients

59 Surgeries

63 average age

22 years (youngest patient)

82 years (oldest patient)