The Operation Walk team visited Panama City, Panama in 2011.


Did You Know?

Panama’s capital, Panama City, is the only capital city in the world that has a rain forest within city limits. Of the 3.6 million people that live in Panama, 1.5 million people live in Panama City. The citizens of the culturally diverse Panama City work in service-based industries, such as banking and tourism, as well as in the shipping and trade ports associated with the Panama Canal. A major trans-shipping center, all types of international industrial goods pass through Panama, which keeps or imports electronics, automobiles and a wide variety of luxury goods. Family life is important to the people of Panama City, with close relatives living close-by or in the same house.


Mission By The Numbers

After just one week, the Operation Walk Pittsburgh team provided life-changing services to the people of Panama City at no cost. Take a look at the impact of one trip:

Take a look at the impact of this trip:

45 patients totals

55 joint replacement surgeries

10 patients had bilateral joint replacements

11 male patients

34 female patients

67 years (average age of patients)