Travel Team Application 2017-2018

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Date of Birth
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Travel Team Timeline and Fundraising Terms
Although we would like to accept all qualified candidates to be a part of the Travel Team, we are unable to due to space constraints. Please read the following sections carefully. If you are unable to consent to any of the requirements at this time, we are happy to invite you to apply for a future trip.
As a travel team member, I commit to the timeframe and amount specified for fundraising or donating 100% of a specified amount that will support my participation in Operation Walk. *
I understand that, upon invitation to join the Travel Team, a non-refundable donation is due to secure my position, If the donation is not receievd, my spot may be given to another applicant. *
Iunderstand that, upon selection, I will be required to submit a copy of my driver's license, passport, CV and any required license or certification documents. *
By submitting this form I agree that an Operation Walk representative can contact me using the above information. *